Mutual Feedback (All Watched over by Machines of Loving Grace)


variable dimensions


Using two amplifiers, two disc-players, and two large speakers, two complete mono hifi sets were built—with a twist: each disc-player and amplifier combo sent their sound to the speaker of the other set, which was placed on top of the amplifier, and facing the disc-player which was placed on top of that speaker (see schematic below). Since disc-players are sensitive to vibrations, they easily "misread" or skip parts of the data. This misinterpretation was (quite literally) amplified by the placement of the speakers, and the volume of the music.

Initially both machines synchronously played Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries (chosen for its dramatic character and variable volume), but, as they kept interrupting each other, effectively causing a double feedback loop, this soon changed to something more dramatic and disturbing.

Two amplifiers, two disc-players, two speakers, two compact discs with Richard Wagner’s ride of the valkyries and several circuit bending audio files
Both sets approx. 65/60/40 cm
Dimensions may vary depending on used equipment and exposition space